In 1840 the current building was purposely built with the aim of being the biggest brewery in Connaught. When Charles Anderson bought the building in 1849 he moved his existing brewery to the building but not before he carried out extensive renovations to modernise the building. Over the next 40 years, Andersons became the biggest supplier of ale throughout Connaught and had agreements with taverns & inns in Connaught to supply his superior ale. To maintain the demand of the business it grew to encompass all the surrounding buildings which housed all the Anderson workers. When Charles Anderson died in 1889 the building and all the surrounding houses were auctioned but the building remained a brewery up until 1972.

In 2000 the building was leased to the National Rehabilitation Centre and in 2006 it was re-opened as one of the largest nightclubs in Ireland. Amcomri acquired the long term lease in August 2015. Due to late licencing laws in Ireland changing and with it having a detrimental effect on the nightclub industry Amcomri recognised the business model needed to evolve to suit consumer’s needs. Plans were adopted to build a seven-day bar & food trade along with maintaining the club for the two or three nights a week. 

Downstairs was completed renovated with two new bars being built to suit the demands of different capacity levels. In keeping with the history of the building the name Andersons Grill & Bar was chosen which caters for the daytime trade and evening trade and the redesign was built around this theme. High-quality gastro bar food catering for the daytime & evening trade with numerous TV's located throughout downstairs and a centrepiece TV in the main room which is just over 3.5 metres.

Upstairs was redesigned with a club called SinTillLate.

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